#ALetterinMind – The Show

October 3, 2014

Dominic and I had a interesting and kind of surreal couple of hours at the #ALetterinMind exhibtion yesterday. We went to the VIP private audience. There were people queuing at the doors ready to go in, and pay for their pieces before anyone else could get to them. I wasn’t expecting people to be going with such purpose! We watched as people had lists full of numbers that they wanted to buy – being told that they could purchase a maximum of 4 and having to make fresh choices when the pieces they wanted had already been bought by someone else. Once we figured out how it worked, Dominic and I set about making our choices. I was choosing for myself and my home, whilst Dominic made a purchase to be hung in their office. I’ll let Dominic fill you in on what he chose and why because he went for something that in the midst of a unique exhibition, chose something even more unique on behalf of Bureau Direct!

I bought piece number 49 – it’s essentially drawings of all sorts of different books, with a few stick type people drawn within the window of the envelope. I think that it is sealed and that it’s just the stick people in the window – perhaps we’ll open it once we receive it in a fortnight, to find out more about it. This is a picture of the piece I chose….

no 49
I’ll hand you on to Dominic to tell you about what he chose and why he chose it!



One Response to “#ALetterinMind – The Show”

  1. […] going to the opening night (well, afternoon) of the ‘A Letter in Mind show on Wednesday last week, maybe now is the time to mention the work that Bureau bought to support the National Brain Appeal. […]

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